State derivation Theorists

Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Mon Nov 22 20:08:52 MST 1999

Michael Pugliese writes:

>I read the
>Univ. of Texas Press Press book, "State and Capital, a Marxist Debate," (if
>memory serves) co-edited by Sol and ?

John Holloway was the other editor.  He is still about and writing stuff,
although I don't think it is as good as the stuff he was doing in the 1970s.

Most, or even all, of the papers in that book wree by German Marxists and I
am not sure what most of them are doing now.  One sad case, however, is
that of Elmar Altvater, who wrote some wonderful stuff in the 1970s, but
has now joined the ranks of the post-Marxists.  His last book was awful.

Philip Ferguson

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