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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Nov 22 08:03:40 MST 1999

Who put it on the listserv ?


>>> Dennis R Redmond <dredmond at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU> 11/21/99 05:31PM >>>
On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Michael Yates wrote:

> from LBO.  But, and I want to say this as forcefully as I can, that he
> should never have applied for this job in the first place.

This is a matter for the search committee to discuss, debate and decide,
not a listserv. Lemme tell you, as the President of a union with 1100
members in its bargaining unit, I've seen this stuff before, i.e. purely
interpersonal griping over search processes, which gets dressed up in
millenial class struggle rhetoric. The point should be to hire the best
candidate, period, and not to drag other peoples' qualifications, lack of
qualifications, or whatever into the mix. Folks, we have to behave better
than this insane system which forces us to brawl amongst ourselves for
scarce resources (including editorial posts).

-- Dennis

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