Castro and Chavez play ball....

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Mon Nov 22 07:54:10 MST 1999

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> Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
> > In a region dominated by passion for soccer, Venezuelans and Cubans
> have
> > made baseball their national sports.
> It's curious how the two latin-american countries most influenced by the
> U.S. in
> sports are the ones taking a more consistent anti-imperialist stand.

It is just a matter of conjuncture. We in football loving South America do
also give our headaches to the American Empire from time to time.

> It brakes my heart to see Cuba taking 5-0 in soccer from Costa Rica.

But the "ticos" are better than average players. Too rude for my taste,
but they are at least as good as Honduras, and we have a Honduran player
here, Bennett, who is doing excellent work in Argentinos Juniors (please
stand up and let a minute pass by before you sit down, thank you, the name
of God must never be pronounced in vain).

> Venezuela is not much better, I'm afraid.

No, it is not. But why should they? Each one excels where finds most
interesting. I, for one, like base ball though have seldom played it, and
I find it wonderful that we have good football and baseball teams in Latin
America. It makes us richer.

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky

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