Canadian mulitculturalism

Roland Chrisjohn rchrisjo at
Mon Nov 22 09:36:57 MST 1999

"Multiculturalism" is a dirty word for progressive indigenous peoples here
in Canada, since with respect to us it is implemented as a kind of
mainstream pan-Indianism (i.e., the promulgation of an image of a "generic"
Indian who paddles his/her canoe toward his/her tipi beside to his/her
totem pole) instead of recognizing the very real differences that exist
between our nations (Siksika, Haudenausaunee, Mik' Maw, etc.).  The upshot
of this attitude and policy (along with many other initiatives, of course)
is the furtherance of assimilation, which is precisely what some of us have
been resisting for quite some time now.

R. Chrisjohn

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