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>Given Rakesh's pol-econ differences with Sweezey, Baran and the other MR
>folks I wouldn't want to see him as a book editor at Monthly Review
>either. But he should be a regular contributor to *Capital and Class*

>BTW I see a certain Mark Jones on the editorial committee of *Capital and
>Class* #2 1977.  Is that You?

How observant of you. The idea of converting the old Bulletin of the
Conference of Socialist Economists into a reputable magazine (NLR with real
Marxism, was the general idea) was Robin Murray's; we worked together on it
and I was elected or co-opted to the founding editorial committee to help
make it happen. C&C's housestyle was my own small contribution to
designer value-theory.

Unfortunately the CSE never outgrew its birthright, and seems to have
remained stuck in the mould of academic Marxism and value-theory, than which
nothing is more boring in left-wing politics. The idea that NLR would be the
'General Staff of the Revolution', as Tariq Ali famously thought in the late
1960s, was risible enough. But substituting people like Simon Clarke, Ben
Fine and Sol Picciotto (not to speak, unfortunately, of yours truly) for
Perry Anderson and Robin Blackburn turned out to
be like swapping John the Baptist for the Rt Rev Casaubon, if you know what
I mean. No wonder what we got was the total collapse of socialism

Mark Jones

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