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        Jessie Epstein (212) 473-8933

Programming Alert!

Showdown in Seattle: Five Days That Shook the WTO

In a Challenge to Multinational Corporate Power, Independent Media
Producers Rally To Make People=92s Voices Heard.

As the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial approaches,
independent video makers, radio producers, journalists and activists are
rallying under the common goal of social and economic justice to
challenge the WTO pro-corporate policies. In an effort to reclaim media
democracy, this unprecedented media collaboration will make public the
voices and concerns of tens of thousands from all over the world who
will gather in Seattle from November 29 to December 3. Simultaneously,
it will offer independent, non-commercial analytical and investigative
coverage of the issues and implications surrounding multilateral
organizations such as the WTO.

Deep Dish Satellite TV in association with The Independent Media Center
in Seattle and Free Speech TV will broadcast directly from Seattle as
activists representing labor, the environment, civil society,
international law, and Indigenous Nations will converge on this city to
hold counter events and stage demonstrations. Big Noise Films, Changing
America, Citizen Vagrom, Paper Tiger TV, Speakeasy, Whispered Media and
others (over a dozen video crews in all) will participate in this
alternative pool coverage along with contributors from around the world.
The televised coverage will be provided on a next day basis via
satellitecast (transponder and times TBA) as a 60 minute feed during
five consecutive days. The series will consist of a 30-minute program
covering the day's events. A diversity of cogent voices will articulate
their concerns with the WTO and contribute to an educated and meaningful
understanding of the issues. A second 30 minute satellite feed will
consist of pre-produced programming focusing on specific global issues
as they relate to the WTO (program titles TBA)

Because these important voices, opinions and points of view are likely
to never be seen or heard in commercial mainstream media, Public Access
Cable TV Centers are invited to  encourage local producers to sponsor
and schedule this five day, five hour series on their local access
channels. Local PBS affiliates are also requested to run the series in
its entirety. The series is provided free of charge to non-commercial
programmers and channel provider and may be rebroadcast multiple times.
The series will also provide information on how viewers can receive
additional information via the Seattle Independent Media Center's
internet sites which will provide print, audio and video content on a
daily basis (

If you are interested in receiving additional information concerning how
you can receive and program this television series, contact: Carlos
Pareja, phone: (212) 420-9045 or email: carlos at
Satellitecasts will run from November 30th through December 4th,
transponder location, specific times and other pre-event updates will be
posted to and

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