Kathe Pollit-Doug Henwood exchange on LBO-Talk

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I subscribed to lbo-talk for a while, assuming it would be a list discussing
business/economics from a left wing, critical point of view. What you
reprint here is much more typical of what's there.


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Subject: Kathe Pollit-Doug Henwood exchange on LBO-Talk

>Doug Henwood wrote:
>> kelley wrote:
>> >men are increasingly
>> >exposed to idealized images of sculpted muscular and HAIRLESS bodies
>> Yeah, what's with that HAIRLESS thing?
>> Doug
>An Ad for the upcoming "women's cable channel," Oxygen, cites "No Back
>Hair" as one of the joys of being a woman. Could it be that what goes
>around comes around? for centuries men, as economic independent actors,
>have felt free to judge women's bodies harshly. NOw women have some
>money, some independence, don't need to marry to survive, so THEY TOO
>can loudly express their preferences in body type, judge men harshly for
>not measuring up. A gay friend of mine said about ten years ago that he
>was always astonished at how heterosexual men just assumed they could be
>fat and slovenly and women would go for them anyway. Maybe that's
>These are the people who would supervise MR's transition away from stodgy
>dogmatic Marxism? God help us.
>Louis Proyect
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