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--- Philip L Ferguson <PLF13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz> escribió:

> Imperialism is reordering its relationships with Third World countries
> all
> over the globe.  It is getting rid of obsolete old dictatorships and
> replacing them with more amenable 'democratic' regimes of exploitation,
> regimes which will be even more under the heel of the World Bank, IMF
> and
> Washington (and the UN, for that matter).

Not only that. The civilians that backed the military dictatorships and
who benefitted from them are at command on the economic and social front.

In Argentina, while it is the military  who are blamed for whatever cruel
happened during the 1976-1983 regime, the civilians who fostered and
supported that regime (from the mighty D. Rockefeller in USA to his lackey
D. Marx -yes!- at home) are considered the only serious guys, the IMF has
been transformed into the Oracle of Delphi, and politicians can only do
what the imperialists want them to do.

Now, these civilians are worse criminals than the military. The cruelty of
the latter was enormous and localized. It would concentrate on a
particular human being, rip the person to chips, and then feel satisfied
for the task well done. The civilian´s cruelty is more massive, it does
not appear visible, and it is perfect for these colonial "democratic"
regimes that we suffer now. But it is more deadly than the one displayed
by the criminal at the torture chamber. They transform the full territory
of a country into a torture chamber. And by the way, they also destroy
what remains of the country.

Just as an example: the Argentinian national oil company, Y.P.F., which
was a real pain in the ass of the imperialist oil interests, was immersed
in a giant debt during the military regime, was then -in the name of its
deficit- "privatized", that is turned into a simple trading company in
imperrialist hands by civilians who had worked for the military (but now
under Menem), and has disappeared yesterday after this trading company was
purchased by the Spanish imperialist group Repsol. There are talks for its
merge with BP, which were announced by BAE, a specialized economic
newspaper of Buenos Aires.

Thus, the civilians destroy the country and blame the military for the
ordeal. This reminds me of "La casa de los espíritus" that (yes, dear Mark
Jones, yes!) bullshit repugnant film and novel by Isabel Allende, where
the current agreement between Chilean "leftists", Chilean oligarchs, and
imperialists, is so clearly exposed.

We shall rip their guts off, and in this task we shall have many military
on our side. Of course, _they_ will scream for democracy!

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