Colonialism, indigenous peoples and the split in European socialism

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Sun Nov 28 13:53:46 MST 1999

> Along with Lou's recommendation to check out Herbert Marcuse I think
> Jackson Lears, Richard Ohmann, William Leach and Tom Frank have all
> written much better accounts of various aspects of consumerism.
> Sean Noonan
    I'll second Sean on that esp. Lears. A friend read Leach on the dept.
store and loved it. Frank puts out the cheeky journal, "The Baffler."
    Agree on Rosenblatt too. He has a fatuous book on the Yale SDS'ers and
Al Gore(!!!) that came out a few yrs. ago.
    Also, Routledge (?) has a huge anthology of readings on consumerism and
market society out there. Will find exact cite if interested. Would be
ironic if it is Routledge since they fllod the bookstores with Cultural
Studies, Inc.
                                Michael Pugliese
                             Michael Pugliese

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