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Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Thu Nov 25 14:30:07 MST 1999

James Farmelant wrote: < List subscribers may recall Chris Burford's
habit of presenting himself as a Marxist-Leninist while acting as a
cheerleader for Tony Blair.  Is this typical of Democratic Left members?

No. Most Democratic Left people have effectively repudiated Marxism. As
far as I know -- other list members may be able to help here -- this has
been done without any great fanfare, but through reading the occasional
copy of New Times, they see class politics as an obsolete doctrine
belonging to another era.

There are some DL members who have not rejected Marxism, I have been in
contact with a few of them, and they are very critical of the DL
majority, and especially those like Martin Jacques who openly promote
Blairism in the bourgeois press. They are also looking critically at the
whole official communist tradition, and have rejected much of the
Stalinist approach of the past.

These people apart, the Democratic Left acts as a think tank for
Blairism -- Blair and his pals heading New Labour could not dream up one
imaginative thought amongst themselves -- rather in the same way that
the old Communist Party of Great Britain acted as a think tank for the
Labour Party lefts from the mid-1950s until both the CPGB and the Labour
left started to fall apart in the mid-1980s.

One thing that is different is that the CPGB never inculcated its
bureaucratic approach into the Labour left, it was a political
influence; whereas the DL's influence upon Blairism is both political
and organisational. New Labour is about the most authoritarian,
intolerant and bureaucratic organisation ever seen in British politics.

Paul F

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