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> Louis Proyect wrote: < We even began dressing the part. I started
> wearing snap-brim fedoras like the kind that Farrell Dobbs used to wear.
> I also began talking out of the side of my mouth like all those old
> Trotskyists used to. Sometimes I used to get the impression that they
> developed that personae from old Humphrey Bogart and Edward G Robinson
> gangster movies. >

    It has been claimed that the speech in such movies, and indeed the
speech of some American gangsters, was modelled on the writing of Daymon
Runyun, an New York columnist and short story writer, best remembered these
days as the author of "Little Miss Marker" and the source of the Musical
"Guys and Dolls."
    I'm just sitting here trying to imagine a British socialist lurking
around a pub and talking like a Runyun Character.   Maybe, "Oh my goodness,
it qould certainly be unfortunate if the proletariat were to become aware of
your most ungracious refusal to participate in the revolution."
    The mind, she boggles.

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