MIM &/or PCP (was ludic Leninism)

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   I know of the differences between the RCP and MIM. (Do I have time to go
into this intra-Maoist polemicizing. Does anyone else?)The bit on the PCP
and killing lesbians was communicated to me by Ying Lee Kelley, a staffer
for Ron Dellums, the long time left-wing member of Congress from the 8th
C.D. in California, who I worked with on the Jesse Jackson campaign in 1988.
Ms. Kelley had spent some time around the 70's M-L party building mileaus
and can/could hardly be accused of anti-communism.
     On Sandero, Monthly Review had a few pieces to and fro on this a while
back and though some
readers of the list might view me as a counter-revolutionary for
recommending the following well here goes:
 The Shining Path : A History of the Millenarian War in Peru (Latin America
in Translation/En Traduccion, Em Traducao)
by Gustavo Gorriti Ellenbogen, Robin Kirk (Translator), Gustavo Gorriti
      Putting on my Althusserian cap for a second and using some stuff from
Aidan Foster Carter in a NLR piece on modes of production might I suggest
that Peru, was and is, a social  formation
overdetermined by a position in the capitalist world system which gave to
Peru a class structure which combined elements from feudal and capitalist
modes of production. When one is fighting a developed, fully capitalist
state, the class alliances and class structure is different
than a dependent peripheral or semi-peripheral
     Adding fuel to the fire might I add that the PCP also killed lots of
members of Peru's "Legal Left" from the Old Left parties, and community
organizations which represented the marginalized and the poor in tin-shacks
in the Lima "suburbs". "Social-fascists" doubtless.
    Finally I'm no expert on Peru, but in the end it seems to me that the
"Legal Left"-whatever their faults, I'd assume the had/have Popular Front
illusions in the national bourgeoisie- is far preferable to the PCP, which
gave the space for Fujimori to tighten the dictatorship. Fujimori no friend
to the people, but why give his ilk ammunition?

                              Michael Pugliese

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> Michael Pugliese:
> > compared to these partisans of Sandero Luminoso who kill lesbians in
> Peru,
> Prove this. These may hardly have been the model revolutionaries, but
> they were operating to overthrow capitalist relations in Peru, and as
> such, slandering them without proof supplied is a definite cross of the
> class line. I've heard many more accusations against Sendero than
> reasonable facts; One might get the impression that Fujimori was our
> ally in the war against this gang of armed peasants. There are many
> reasonable trumps against this bunch, not least the whacko followers
> they have here. Imagine there was a revolutionary war by an obscure
> group that identified itself as Trotskyist somewhere- many of the
> little, harmless groupings would go particularly off the wall, trying
> to outdo one another for who really "represented" them as well. MIM
> (very different from RCP, BTW) et al are pushing the (now likely
> defeated) PCP in the absence of having any real connection to any
> movement anywhere else.
> Again, without taking up "Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Gonzalo Thought" it
> would be appreciable if we could use our collective powers as far as
> this list goes to showing the other side to the PCP. In the context of
> PCP= Mao= communism= terrorism= ad nauseum, I hope for something a bit
> more detailed and less ruling class inspired than "Lesbian Killers".
> Macdonald Stainsby

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