Kathe Pollit-Doug Henwood exchange on LBO-Talk

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Thu Nov 25 12:24:58 MST 1999

>>>> Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at osu.edu> 11/23/99 09:53PM >
>The nuclear family was a blip in world history, and it was never even a
>universal phenomenon.  Mark's history of family & gender is simplistic.
>Perhaps he has read too many books in the Frankfurt School, postmodernism,
>etc. & bought their premises at their face value?  How many women in the
>world today enjoy performing ludic androgynes that Mark deplores?  The
>tragedy here is that such liberation has been the privilege of only very
>few women in rich countries.  My hope is that in a future communist society
>every man and woman will be emancipated from gender (an effect of the
>oppression of women).


Charles: Marxism, unlike bourgeois liberalism, is anti-paternalistic in its attitude
to the working class. That is, not only does M view workers as victims of oppression
and exploitation, but as the champions of the human race in the struggle for socialism
and communism.

Similarly, is there not a silverlining within the gender oppression and caring labor
exploitation of women, in that  thereby women, as a gender, are the champions of the
new human being , the new human personality that will flower in communism ?  Just as
workers are the source of all value, caring laborers ( very predominantly gendered
female) are the source of all personality and subjectivity.

To the point of Mark's discussion of the Party of the Next type, don't women comrades
, in general, because they are at the point of personality and motivational
reproduction, have special incites into enthusiasm, esprit de corps, inspiration ?
Given the depressing world scene, as layed out in Mark's "Theses on the World
Conjuncture",  shouldn't we look to Marxist feminism  and the leadership of  women for
that profound understanding that will make us move and struggle despite the fear of
the abyss into which we look under barbaric global capitalism ?   Women are the
gravediggers of tragedy, the vanguard playwrights of comedy,  for a Boston Tea Party
of a new type , ludic Leninism.


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