Graham Taylor on GA Cohen

Russell Grinker grinker at
Wed Nov 24 23:00:52 MST 1999

Jim Farmelant wrote:
>List subscribers may recall Chris Burford's habit of presenting
himself as a Marxist-Leninist while acting as a cheerleader
for Tony Blair.  Is this typical of Democratic Left members?

Yes.  But the problem is greater than that.  To anyone with a few radical
instincts, there appears to be a continuum between Blairism and what used to
be the "left" project. Blairism has, with the assistance of  much of the old
Euro/DL brigade, reworked issues such as racism, women's oppression and
"humanitarian' issues which used to be cornerstones of broad left politics.
As a result, anyone looking for a left alternative these days will much more
easily discount surviving remanants of the old left as just a fringe version
of discredited mainstream thinking.


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