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On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 22:16:25 -0800 Paul Flewers <paul.flewers at>
>James Farmelant quoted Graham Taylor: < Indeed, it is striking how
>the Morning Star and Socialist Worker repeat the arguments of The
>and The Telegraph. Scargill has often praised Thatcher, discerning not
>difference in values between himself and her but only a difference of
>class power. In the 1970s the far left joined Thatcher in condemning
>Social Contract, the Bullock Report, the European Community,
>Keynesianism, as if in demonstration of the fact that the political
>spectrum is circular, not linear, and the far left stands closest to
>far right. >
>This is typical of the way that the Eurocommunists have gone. Non-UK
>list members may not be aware of the political background of the
>Democratic Left and New Times. The DL is what became of the Communist
>Party of Great Britain, the official CP, after it severed all
>connections with the Morning Star, the CPGB's daily paper, which had
>been promoting a more traditional CP line. The Star's backers now form
>the Communist Party of Britain.
>One can equate the differentiations in the CPGB with those in the
>days of the CPSU -- a Ligachev wing (Star supporters, now CPB) which
>wished to keep the old show on the road; a Gorbachev wing (a minority
>DL people still proclaiming to be Marxist, often quite open to
>worthwhile debate), and a Yeltsin wing (DL majority, basically heavily
>into new age social democracy à la Blair, like our reviewer, who want
>junk all vestiges of their tradition). The DL acts as the theoretical
>brains of Blair's New Labour.
>The bit about Scargill and Thatcher is downright disgraceful. Scargill
>said that Thatcher was a class warrior for the bourgeoisie, and openly
>wished that his fellow union leaders fought as well for our class as
>did for hers.
>It's an old trick to say 'you're against this, he's against it too, so
>you're all the same'. The far left opposed workers' participation in
>management (Bullock report) because we saw it as class collaboration;
>the right opposed it as they wanted a class confrontationist line with
>no concessions to reformism. Much the same thing with Keynesianism. We
>oppose the Common Market/European Union as a capitalist superstate,
>counterpose to it the socialist federation of Europe (although the
>took a more nationalist line on this issue, calling for British
>independence). Elements of the bourgeoisie opposed it as they saw it
>a barrier to profitable trade with countries outwith Europe, although
>most of the bourgeoisie either supports it or is neutral towards it
>And so on, and so on.
>Most of the things which Taylor condemns the left for, the
>Eurocommunists use to oppose as well, until they started moving
>rightwards, and discovered the joys of right-wing social democracy.
>Paul F

List subscribers may recall Chris Burford's habit of presenting
himself as a Marxist-Leninist while acting as a cheerleader
for Tony Blair.  Is this typical of Democratic Left members?

Jim Farmelant

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