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> >THE ANGLICAN JOURNAL, November, 1999
> >
> >Serbs are the real victims, priest says
> >
> >Citizens were losers in ‘vicious attack’
> >
> >Kathy Blair
> >
> >
> >The media got the story all wrong in Kosovo, says an Anglican priest
> who spent eight days in Serbia in June.
> >
> >Far from the Serbs forcing ethnic Albanians out of Kosovo, the
> cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo began decades ago, contends Rev. Bill
> Hutton.
> >
> >Kosovo was the birthplace of Serb culture and the Orthodox church
> home primarily to Serbs until the Albanians began forcing them out in
> 1943, he said. The Albanians wish to make Kosovo an Albanian
> province, he added.
> >
> >"The Serbs don’t know how to manipulate the media," said Mr. Hutton,
> an honorary assistant at St. Michael and All Angels in Winnipeg. (The
> church’s Rev. Arthur Klassen says that Mr. Hutton speaks for himself,
> not the church.) Mr. Hutton is not a Serb but has Serb friends in
> Winnipeg.
> >
> >He said the Albanians’ Kosovo Liberation Army was engaged in
> terrorist activities and that’s why the Serb army cracked down on
> several months ago, he said. Mr. Hutton figures NATO sided with the
> Albanians because Yugoslavia is a socialist country.
> >
> >During an interview at the Journal, Mr. Hutton talked passionately
> well over an hour. He has worked with peace groups who opposed
> NATO’s bombing campaign and they raised the cash for him to visit
> Yugoslavia, he said.
> >
> >Mr. Hutton railed against the West’s bombing campaign but praised
> Canadian church leaders for speaking out against it. He said he was
> asked to relay the Serbs’ gratitude to Canadian church people.
> >
> >He returned with a number of photographs taken by a Serbian
> professional photographer. The photos show collapsed bridges,
> destroyed homes, plumes of smoke rising from oil refineries and dead
> bodies.
> >
> >The international media were not interested in using the photos, he
> said, since they did not support the NATO version of events.
> >
> >Much of Serbian industry and its transportation network has been
> destroyed, Mr. Hutton said. Central heating plants in many cities
> blown up and food shortages loom.
> >
> >"I can’t believe that we did it," he said of the bombing
campaign. "It
> was a vicious attack on private citizens … The Serbs are in a
> situation because of what we did."
> >
> >Mr. Hutton acknowledges he did not visit Kosovo himself nor did he
> interview ethnic Albanians during his time in the country. He said he
> didn’t need to hear the Albanian side, knowing "it’s exaggerated 10
> times over." Indeed, Mr. Hutton said he was there to get the other
> of the story.
> >
> >He wants Candians to approach the federal government and convince it
> to take an interest in the Serbs who are suffering because of the
> bombing campaign.
> >
> >"Canada should never participate in this kind of a thing again," Mr.
> Hutton said. "It was U.S. directed. We should concentrate our efforts
> peace."
> >
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