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> Matthew J. Mancini.  _One Dies, Get Another: Convict Leasing in the
> American South, 1866-1928_.
> Reviewed for EH.NET by Garland Brinkley <garland at>
> Matthew Mancini
> documents the widespread nature of post-civil war slavery in every
> state that composed the Confederacy except Virginia.
> Louis Proyect

Unwillingness of late 19th century white southern populists to address
convict lease system was important reason why black populist attempts to
work with whites were limited and often frustrated.  In fact, black
calls for abolishing convict leasing, legislating anti-lynching laws,
and recognizing blacks' right to jury duty were commonly met with white
populist terror.  Good number of white populists were farm operators
dependent upon supply of cheap labor.     Michael Hoover

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