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>The unforgettable classical fable of Tommy Douglas about class


>and class obliviousness and electing a workingpeople's government...


>The Story of Mouseland

>as told by Tommy Douglas, 1944


>It's the story of a plce called Mouseland. Mouseland was a place where all

>the little mice lived and played, were born and died. And they lived much

>the same as you and I do.

>They even had a parliament. And every four years the had an election. Used

>to walk to the polls and cast their ballots. Some of them even got a ride


>the polls. And got a ride for the next four years afterwards too. Just like

>you and me. And every time on election day all the little mice used to go


>the ballot box and they used to elect a government. A government made up of

>big, fat, black cats.

>Now if you think it strange that mice should elect a government made up of

>cats, you just look at the history of Canada for the last 90 years and


>you'll see that they weren't any stupider then we are.

>Now I'm not saying anything against the cats. They were nice fellows. They

>condeucted their government with dignity. They passed good laws -- that is,

>laws that were good for cats. But the laws that were good for cats weren't

>very good for mice. One of the laws said that mouseholes had to be big

>enough so a cat could get his paw in. Another law said that mice could only

>travel at certain speeds -- so that a cat could get his breakfast without

>too much effort.

>All the laws were good laws. For cats. But, oh, they were hard on the mice.

>And life was getting harder and harder. And when the mice couldn't put up

>with it any more, they decided that something had to be done about it. So

>they went en masse to the polls. They voted the black cats out. They put in

>the white cats.

>Now the white cats had put up a terrific campaign. They said: "All that's

>Mouseland needs is more vision." They said: "The trouble with Mouseland is

>those round mouseholes we got. If you put us in we'll establish square

>mouseholes." And they did. And the square mouseholes were twice as big as

>the round mouseholes, and now the cat could get both paws in. And life was

>tougher then ever.

>And when they couldn't take that anymore, they voted the white cats out and

>put the black one's in again. Then they went back to the white cats. Then


>the black cats. They even tried half black and half white cats. And they

>called that coalition. They even got one government made up of cats with

>spots on them: they were cats that tried to make a noise like a mouse but

>ate like a cat.

>You see, my friends, the trouble wasn't with the colour of the cat. The

>trouble was that they were cats. And because they were cats, they naturally

>looked after cats instead of mice.

>Presently there came along one little mouse who had an idea. My friends,

>watch out for the little fellow with an idea. And he said to the other


>"Look fellows, why do we keep electing a government made up of cats? Why

>don't we elect a government made up of mice?" "OH," they said, "he's a

>Bolshevik. Lock him up!" So they put him in jail.

>But I want to remind you: That you can lock up a mouse or a man but you

>can't lock up an idea.

>--Tommy Douglas, 1944

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