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Thu Nov 25 10:04:35 MST 1999

Dear Lou,

Thanks man.  You are very kind.  You know, that article from El Pais appeared
in only because it was spotted by Vera Watkins, an
"obscure" researcher for the Chicago Library.  It was translated by a guy
named Forestel and the translation was checked and corrected by a guy named
Julio, who writes smart stuff on this email list, and who relaized
immediately that this was a bomb.

Recently, Emperors-clothes writer Blagovesta Doncheva's protest against
Clinton's visit became the talk of all Bulgarian newspapers when she was
manhandled and thrown in a mental hospital after she and 9 other middle aged
ladies dared to walk in front of the US embassy on a rainy afternoon a week
before the Planitarchis's visit.  Soon the papers discovered her
participation in emperors Clothes and a paper called "Capital" attacked her
and us as follows:

"Nobody knows her in the Translators' Association. In addition to the police
report  one can come across her name also in the… Internet. There is an
address there: A cursory glance at the web site
confirms that from the fairy-tale  "The New Clothes of The King", the site
owners have chosen the denunciating cry: "The King is Naked!" Graphomaniacs
tour  in the free publicity area on the principle "conspirators from all
countries, get together!" Blagovesta Doncheva appears there too."

So. We unite all who know nudity when they see it.  Well-grubbed, old
voyeurs! (Apologies to Marx) As Lou notes, this "free publicity" costs money,
especially all those international phone calls, so if you have a buck to
spare, please send it to Emperor's Clothes, P.O. Box 610-321, Newton, MA
02461-0321 (USA)

or go to for the secure server.

Thanks, and thank you Lou for the encouragement, also the ten bucks.  (By the
way, starting the website was Lou's idea.  I just do what I'm told)

Best regards,
Jared Israel

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