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Search results

Global WTO Summit could attract huge protests [AP/SMH] 30-Nov-1999
Australia WTO protest in Brisbane, Australia [ AAP] 30-Nov-1999
Pacific Islands Pacific Islands 'think-tank' says Island Governments must oppose
WTO [Pacific Islands Report] 30-Nov-1999
USA WTO to meet huge protests in Seattle [UE] 30-Nov-1999
Global/USA Protests overshadow WTO talks [BBC] 30-Nov-1999
USA USWA Calls for Withdrawal from WTO Unless Labor Rights in Core Agreement [PR
Newswire] 30-Nov-1999
Global/USA WTO Opening Delayed As Delegates Kept in Hotels [Reuters] 30-Nov-1999
Global/Phillipines Philippine leftists protest WTO, liberalisation [Reuters]
Global/USA Labor Groups Challenge WTO on Trade Round [Reuters] 29-Nov-1999
Global UN Body Says Keep Labor Off WTO Agenda [Reuters] 29-Nov-1999
Global/USA Workers' rights part and parcel of WTO mission [Seattle P-I]
USA WTO protesters' artful satire leaves Seattle papers fuming [Seattle Times]
USA/Global Labor group confernece piggybacks on WTO [Seattle Times] 27-Nov-1999
Global Trade unions will be present in Seattle for WTO [IMF] 26-Nov-1999
USA Taxi union urges drivers to strike on first day of WTO meeting [Seattle
Times] 26-Nov-1999
USA West coast dock workers call for strike against WTO on 30.11 [Labournet]
USA California Labor Leader to Protest WTO in Seattle, Demand Worker Rights at
Home and Abroard [PR Newswire] 25-Nov-1999
Global Developing Democracies Would Benefit From WTO-Labor Links, New Economy
Information Service Study Says [PR Newsire] 25-Nov-1999
USA Full coverage of labour's mobilization for WTO [AFL-CIO Work in Progress]
USA Teamsters and the WTO - what you need to know [IBT] 24-Nov-1999
China/USA UNITE President speaks out against China's admission to WTO [UNITE]
USA USWA Announces Protest Events at WTO/Seattle; 1,000 Steelworkers
Participating in Daily Rallies & Teach-Ins [PR Newswire] 23-Nov-1999
China/Global WTO and China: a trade union view [IMF] 23-Nov-1999
Global Workers rights have to be addressed effectively at WTO meeting [IFBWW]
USA Unions mobilize for WTO meeting in Seattle [LaborWatch] 23-Nov-1999
China/USA UAW blasts China-WTO deal [UAW] 22-Nov-1999
Commonwealth Commonwealth unions plan their WTO strategy from the fringe
[Business Report - Inside Labour] 19-Nov-1999
Global Workers’ Rights: The trade unions put their case to the WTO [ICFTU]
China World union: China's admission to WTO must be dependent upon progress on
core labour standards [ICFTU] 18-Nov-1999
Canada No 2 WTO Caravan crosses Canada [Labour Net Canada] 18-Nov-1999
South Africa Sitole's department kowtowed to Popcru [The Mail & Guardian]
Global Labor Movement Plans Mass March at WTO Summit in Seattle [Seattle
Post-Intelligencer] 07-Nov-1999
Global More WTO Coverage [Seattle Times] 07-Nov-1999
Global WTO Must Put in Place Core Labor Standards [ICFTU] 07-Nov-1999
Global WTO Seattle conference must tackle labour standards says world trade
union body [ICFTU] 07-Nov-1999
Canada CLC's Georgetti: Don't let the WTO mess with made- in-Canada Medicare,
education,water rights & culture.'' [CLC] 03-Nov-1999
Global Labor, environment divide WTO members ahead of new trade talks
[Associated Press] 27-Oct-1999
Global US unions pull plug on WTO protests [NOW On] 23-Oct-1999
Global The WTO and the Millenium Round. What is at Stake for Public Education [
EI/PSI] 23-Oct-1999
Global US union groups say core workers' rights and environmental protection
should be incorporated into WTO rules [BBC] 22-Oct-1999
Canada CLC, Council of Canadians, Environmentalists,Launch National Campaign
Against Upcoming World Trade (WTO) Talks [Council of Canadians] 22-Oct-1999
Canada Farm country under siege. Deregulation, WTO stalk the farm [Financial
Post] 18-Oct-1999
Global Why is the WTO so anti-labour? [LNN] 15-Oct-1999
Global NGOs plan show of strength at WTO meeting [Business Report] 13-Oct-1999
USA Will unions fight the WTO? [LNN] 08-Oct-1999
Global IUF launches campaign on WTO [IUF] 05-Oct-1999
USA Labour mobilizing for WTO meeting in November [LNN] 02-Oct-1999
Global WTO must listen to unions says Int'l Metalworkers Fed [IMF] 17-Sep-1999
Global WTO's task - restore confidence, say trade union leaders [TUAC]
Israel ICFTU blasts poor labour rights record in report to WTO [ICFTU]



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