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Philip Ferguson PLF13 at
Tue Nov 30 21:52:23 MST 1999

Sol Dollinger writes:
> Marxism in the USA by Paul Buhle published by Humanities Press, 1987 is a
> study that concentrates on the years of the German immigration  before the
> Civil War up to the large Jewish influx that began to arrive in the last
> decade of the nineteenth century.  Buhle covers a lot of ground in dealing
> with the earlier German Marxists.

Anyone interested in these earlier German left-wingers might find Bruce
Levine's book,
'The spirit of 1848: German immigrants, labor conflict, and the coming
of the Civil War' (Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1992) interesting.

In a former life, Levine was a leading figure in the Detroit-based
Revolutionary Marxist Committee, which committed suicide through fusion
with the American SWP in 1977.

Levine left a few years later and became an academic labour historian,
and was the main writer on the two-volume 'Who built America?: working
people and the nation's economy, politics, culture, and society' (New
York : Pantheon Books, c1989-c1992), which I guess was a much better and
more politically useful avenue than ending up on the receiving end of
Jack Barnes' purges.

Last I knew he was teaching at university in Cincinatti, but when I
wrote to him there (about reprinting something he had written earlier
on) I got no reply, so maybe he is teaching somewhere else these days.

Philip Ferguson

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