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> Louis
> I am a South African and a subscriber to your list.


> I will gladly lead a discussion on Africa if people are
> interested.

When I was a child and went to school, we were taught that
Argentina was subservient to Europe rather than to the USA
because the European shore was nearer to us than the American
one. Of course, "subservient" was by no means the term employed,
it was replaced by Panglossian terms, conveying the general idea
that we were luckier (and oh, so different) to our Latin
American brothers in that we were "European" and were not
subject to American rule. This was the oligarchic common sense
that made up the ideas of many generations of Argentinians. In
the shadows, Britain made her moves.

But when I looked on the maps, I was always puzzled by the
stupid common sense that we were injected. "How come, isn´t
Africa nearer to us?".  Yes, please, Ismail, there will be many
on the list ready to learn from you.

And, by the way, and as others said: if we can sneak into the
World Bank, not everything is lost!

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky

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