P{ROPOSAL: Cut the posts in half

Borba100 at SPAMaol.com Borba100 at SPAMaol.com
Mon Nov 29 16:50:49 MST 1999

A deluge is as bad as a drought.  There are no so many posts on this list
that it is absurtd to read everything.  Most are more or less chit chat,
often direcatble to one person rather than the list.  COuld we have some
limiting here? a) No more than two posts by anyone in one day and b) no chit
chat.  (Chit chat does not mean serious disagreement expressed briefly; it
means - chit chat.  Cute but DILUTEES the effect of the list by forcing us to
choose arbitrarily what to read - I for one read much less than I would if
there were less food on plate.


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