Consumerism/Frankfurters and Moby Grape Juice/Vietnam

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Tue Nov 30 10:31:30 MST 1999

Jose writes:
> The U.S. army had been BROKEN. It was DEFEATED. By 1971, the U.S. army in
> Vietnam was no longer an effective fighting force.
    First thanks to Carroll for her contribution.
I seem to get in trouble for not making explicit, what I see, as implicit in
my posts. The combo
of the external and internal social costs being driven home by the NLF and
NVA in Vietnam on the USG and SVA troops, the SDS'ers and SNCC and tons of
others in the streets in the Mother Country, and the dissent from inside the
system from "liberal" sectors of ruling class opinion setting orgs. like the
elite media, think tankdom, and anti-war Democrats in Congress, all of these
led to the end of the war. The hopes of the New Left that the anti-war
movement had led to a broad awareness of imperialism as a product of
capitalism and the need to build an explicitly socialist movement to carry
forward the struggle were, unfortunately, not born out.
                         Michael Pugliese

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