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Tue Nov 30 05:48:43 MST 1999

Dear Gheb,

I understand your lack of patience with us because we are
interested in such stuff as Adorno or the Frankfurt school,
while people are starving. But I do not agree with that.

Keep in mind that, although I am not writing from a country of
Africa, and I am living and politically acting in an "affluent"
country of the Third World, if this can be named affluency, I do
perfectly know what you mean when you speak of starving people.
I believe, however, that the theoretical matters raised around
the Frankfurt School, for example, are part and parcel of our
own tasks in these forlorn countries.

We want to get to power, and in order to do so we must find our
way into our countrypeople´s hearts. This we shall not do, or at
least we shall not properly do, with an anti-theoretical point
of view. And if we eventually do, then we shall have terrible
trouble after getting to power. Behind philosophy there is a
whole universe of class struggle. Whether there is a subject in
history or not, whether there is alienation or not, has lots to
do with starving people in Africa. Not only because First World
workers tend to be coopted and alienated -which is wrong enough-
but also because when we can grasp that link we can tell them
"Watch Etiopia, that is you yourselves too! Will you accept
yourselves being that?". On the other hand, a clear
philosophical understanding of these basic things is among the
best weapons a revolutionary can resort to in order to avoid the
dangers implicit in power within a backwards country. There is a
very good introduction to this issue, "The professional dangers
of power", by Evgeny Preobrazhensky. If you can get hold of it,
please read it.

The Frankfurt School and the starving peasants are BOTH matters
of our greatest interest. In fact, if the list tends to
concentrate on the first, the blame should fall more on us or on
our objective conditions that do not allow us to start threads
on more "earthly" (as you would have it, probably) matters. But
of course, I am enormously interested in what you have to tell
us about Etiopia, about yourself and about Africa. So that let
us allow all flowers to bloom. This list and the L-I list are
among the most fertile grounds on this planet of ours.

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky

nestor_gorojovsky at
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