Abraham Lincoln on labor and capital

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> Marx wrote the First Int'l address sent to Lincoln upon his
> reelection
> to which US Ambassador to England Charles Francis Adams
> replied, noting
> Lincoln's receipt and gratitude, in a letter published in the
> *London
> Times*.  Marx was sufficiently satisfied with Lincoln's
> response (via
> Adams) that he commented on it in a letter to Engels.

Perhaps it is this exchange I was thinking about. Will check,
because I have an idea that in Lincoln´s answer there is a very
clear indication that he was ABSOLUTELY AGAINST corporate
capitalism, and that he believed that the difference between the
US and Europe lay in the possibility, open to anyone, to own a
plot on land and thus escape servitude of wage labor. This, BTW,
is something not trivial, and it is a great merit of David
Harvey to have pointed out that it is not a matter of chance
that Marx takes on this issue on the last, closing, chapter of
Capital, I.

Will try to return.


> Michael Hoover

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