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Roland Chrisjohn rchrisjo at SPAMStThomasU.ca
Mon Nov 29 13:51:56 MST 1999

Dear Jim:

There are some notable omissions in the Survival Report.  I sent it to
Barbara Cassidy (our other author) in the hopes that it would shock her a
bit; her doctoral thesis is on "suicide as genocide in indigenous peoples,"
and the first newspaper accounts of the report seems to say the report was
making that connection.  But they haven't done the job of linking behavior
(suicide) to government policy (economic marginalization), and, frankly,
existing psychology and sociology aren't equal to that task.  Barb has had
quite a difficult time trying to convince her committee that hers was a
worthwhile topic, but with this report (which only begins to shoot in the
right direction) I think she not only has some ammunition to fight her
committee, she should get a sense that other academics are on her trail.

Heading home now; probably will have a draft of the review for you sometime
tomorrow, but there is a deadline I'm working against right now.  This
departmental work is much too troublesome.

Take care.


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