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Sun Nov 28 22:34:06 MST 1999

At 02:10  28/11/99 -0800, you wrote:
>  Anybody seen or read the biography of Healy by his last secretary in his
> latter years. Will track down the URL for any interested parties. First
> saw mention of it re:Ken Livingstone's friendship with him in Healy's
> last decade. Believe "Red Ken" wrote the preface.
>                                         Michael Pugliese

Hi Michael,

She sold me a copy in the bar at Warwick university at the Bhaskar
conference couple of years ago!  I did open it and try to get though it.  I
managed a few chapters.  I was interested in his work on dialectics but
would need to go over it again.  His philosophical work all seemed pretty
traditional to me. It was along the Ilyenkov lines.

He did though have a strange way of conducting party business that he
described as 'dialectical'.  From the book this would appear to consist of
tearing opponents and those who had crossed him to shreds and calling the
performance 'dialectical'.

I asked his secretary was Healey 'mad'?  She said 'no', but added that he
did not suffer fools gladly and had a sharp temper. She told me he was
Irish and that I should identify with that.

She also defended the Healyite position on Hansen i.e. that he had set
Trotsky up for the assassination. All in all it was something of a weird
meeting.  She is though a thoroughly charming and intelligent person but
she was once close to someone who at the very least was far from charming.



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