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Michael Pugliese <debsian at> said:

>   To close this post, wish I could send a MP3 sound clip file of the
> immortal song, "Holiday In Cambodia," by the Dead Kennedy's... even
at the
> risk of Macdonald S. raking me over the coals again after the to do
over the
> PCP. Well I've always been closer to a neo-Trotskyist than a Maoist
so be
> it.
>                                            Michael Pugliese
> (who still remembers Punk Rock and why it was necessary!)

look, comrade. I've nothing positive to say about Saloth Sar. I'm not a
Maoist either, but I've a great appreciation for Mao. In my view, Pol
Pot was a "marxist" as much as Healy was a Trot. Okay? Don't slot me,
I'm unslotable, my opinions of this and that change daily, I refuse the
outdated notions of "programs", if that means holding up some idol and
worshipping, whether it be Trotsky, Stalin Mao, De Leon, etc... I thank
you for taking the time to "bait me", but I've better things to do than
defend Pol Pot. All I will say on the matter is read Chomsky. Hardly a
commie, he estimates 300-600 000 dead. I hope most radicals concur, and
I think that they do. Comparing the PCP to Pol Pot is just more anti
PCP slander. I like the DK too, especially the album "Bedtime for

So there! :-)

Macdonald Stainsby

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