_Remarks_ & the Holocaust

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Sun Nov 28 19:40:37 MST 1999

I have just got into work and checked my pigeon hole for late
assignments.  Final marks are due tomorrow and I was mildly surprised that
there were only two students who still had not got their work in. However
in the corner of the box I found an issue of _Remarks_ May-June 1992; Ed.
Jack Wikoff, P.O. Box 234, Aurora, NY 13026-0234.  I have no idea who
Wikoff is or, hopefully, was.  The rag of a mag featured an interview with
a David Cole and it was on Holocaust Revisionism.

Now the content of _Remarks_.  Who was/is Cole?  Seemingly he was Jewish
and converted to the revisionist side.  A great deal is made of this in the
interview with Wikoff and the violence shown by the Jewish Defence League
towards him. Good on the JDL I say.

Lately Nazi stuff has been left in my mail box at work.  Also there have
been anonymous letters sent to the advertisers who support the radical
monthly I write for.  So there is a scum bag Nazi at work dropping stuff
off at my office.  Interesting.  Once in the 70s there were a group of
Nazis who set up a public stall in the street opposite a rally we were
holding.  A group of us ISOers marched down and smashed up their stall and
scattered their 'literature' around the street.  That weekend I came home
to my place to discover my house had been broken into and rotten maggotty
meat had been left in piles everywhere.

I am inclined to think it is wrong to get fixated on Nazi groups. Though I
do approve of whacking them every time they crop up.  My Anarchist friend
and editor, Brian Laver, disagrees with me.  He thinks that we are in for a
period of Nazi revival and that Pauline Hanson's success was a sign of
this. Perhaps.  Whatever the case there is a tiny group of the filth
keeping an eye on us. I find that oddly reassuring. I am reminded of the
Oscar Wilde remark: the only thing worse than being talked about is not
being talked about.



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