Moby Grape

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at
Sun Nov 28 19:26:37 MST 1999

Michael Pugliese wrote:

> Moby Grape what a great band.
A few months back I saw a compilation Moby Grape CD, that had dozens of tracks on it,
selling new for about $NZ15 in a record shop here (that's about $7.50 in US currency).

I nearly bought it as when I was a kid my older brother had the Moby Grape single
'Omaha'' b/w 'Someday'.  I still remember those songs.  "Listen my friend. . .da-da da
da da" (I never could make out the lyric that followed the repeated line 'listen my
friend' .

Maybe I'm becoming an old fuddy-duddy early on, but I still think the 60s was the
greatest time in rock music (by the 60s, I mean about 1963-72),  In the 80s I used to
watch that TV series set in the Vietnam War about a US platoon just coz it always had
such great music each episode.

Unfortunately, I was just a child during the 60s so I missed much of the 'grown up'

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