Ghebremichael Woldeselassie ghebremichael at
Mon Nov 29 16:25:42 MST 1999

Dear friends

I come after one week to find many mails - I did not count.  It was like
meeting a monkey with much sewa - a sort of beer.  After 10 or so, monkey
begins to reminisce to forget his today problems.  You people have so much
time for sitting and drinking and chattering.  It is not important.

This time of year is usually for harvesting, but there is almost none, and ¼
million people are refugees from the border war with Eritrea.  Most of
Africa has same kinds of problems, but you debate Adorno and Frankfurt
school.  I am afraid that I am losing the meaning.  I heard a joke yesterday
about how many angels infest a pinhead.  You can debate that!  It will be

The Word Trade conference in USA should be on your agenda.  What has
happened?  Was it closed by Amazon indians?  Many here would like to see the
speakers in Addis, or better Wollo.  They would shut them!

Anyway, our special 'ball-cutter' Mengistu, died of drink recently.  In his
time we read much of what you are saying.  Did you think he was a Marxist or
a socialist?  If you did then I shall leave this e-mail work.  If you see
him as a Saddam, then you must explain.  You probably never heard of Meles
Zenawi or Issayas Afeworki, but they spoke as some of you do before the
Woyane and Shaabia  (EPRDM and EPLF) got rid of Mengistu and placed them in
power.  Now they fight among themselves.  When one or the other wins, what
then?  Meanwhile there is slaughtering.

My best wishes


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