Dismissing the East Timorese struggle: reply to Nestor on Jose

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMhotmail.com
Fri Oct 1 02:42:58 MDT 1999

Paul wrote this:

>       The ET have NOT waged their struggle "in isolation of an Indonesian
>revolution". Firstly, an indonesian revolution does not yet exist, although
>the political situation is extremely interesting and one that Marxists
>should seek to give as much concrete solidarity to as possible. But the
>East Timorese made the assessment that they could not wait for such a
>revolution, as ET women were committing suicide rather than be gang raped,
>and their brothers and fathers had heads paraded on sticks.

He then goes on to state that if I or anyone else disagrees with East Timor
being occupied by a new imperialist power, then we must have really
dismissive attitudes towards those who suffer.

Paul, your passion is your only saving grace. It is good to see spirit in
any comrade. But this is just downright insulting. If I may, how's this: In
your efforts to justify the East Timorese occupation in order to save ET
lives in the short term, you will inevitably weaken A) working class
struggle in your home country, so you obviously don't give a fig about
Australian workers, you slime you! : - )
B) You strengthen the ability of imperialism to smash uprisings throughout
the whole region, including East Timor, for a time that is yet to be
determined, so you just don't care, you nasty man!

C) You want to strengthen the role of little grouplets of armies to conduct
"humanitarian inerventions and unleash war! How little do you care?

I don't think you really "don't care".
Get this straight: We engage people on list, and work for the "good cause"
as our lives work because WE ALL CARE IMMENSELY. Perhaps you might want to
think about who doesn't care; the Australian led army.


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