Present-day Class Distinctions (a real example)

Owen Jones owen.jones at
Fri Oct 1 16:23:17 MDT 1999

> Xxxzx, I give up. This is so far off from any marxist route to class
> analysis
> that one can only delete it, not argue with it. It is off the radar screen
> as
> they say.
> Carrol

 Oh dear oh dear. So this is what people have been talking about, you on
PEN-L going round denouncing people and arguments as un-Marxist. It's not
exactly a sound style of debate, is it. The fact is you did not have the
sufficient knowledge to argue against Xxxzx's arguments on modern day class
distinction, had too much pride to admit it, and so refused to debate with
him with the excuse his arguments aren't Marxist. You've hardly convinced
people of your point of view, have you, you just look silly. And how do
people like you recruit non-Marxists to Marxism - or do you refuse to speak
to someone unless they are a self-declared Marxist?

 I'm sorry, but it really pisses me off when people do this. If you can't
refute his evidence and his arguments, say so, or just don't reply and
pretend you've forgotten - at least your pride will be intact that way. I
advice everyone to delete Carrol's post immediately on the ground it is a
completely un-Bolshevik approach to debate.

 Owen Jones

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