Economic contradictions

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Fri Oct 1 21:59:09 MDT 1999

>Crash of '99?
>If our booming economy suddenly collapses, the growing disparity between
>rich and poor may prove to be a decisive factor in how hard we fall.


On the other hand, the eternal growth of capitalist economy is an impossibility.
Yet exactly this utopy is the ideological basis of world capitalism.

Additionally, the "growth" is mostly not based on real added value but on
exceptations and speculations on monetary basis.  A Finnish economist
(Seppo Ruotsalainen)  has counted that only about 1 % of the money
circulated in the world is based on something real.

Monetary evaluations fail.

The increasing poverty in the world makes us to think if there is any
"gowth" at all. Just the rich people in the rich countries have more money.




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