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Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Sat Oct 2 00:01:59 MDT 1999

Request to list members.

Harvard University Press has sent me a flyer saying that it's publishing
a translation of The Black Book of Communism (I thought titles like that
went out in the 1950s, but never mind), put together by mainly French
academics. It claims to be the ultimate demolition job on
communism/Marxism/you name it, so it no doubt needs a good kicking from
the left. It's been praised by every Cold War hack around. Anyway, I'm
attempting to scrounge a review copy.

I've been told that it's been written by a bunch of renegade Maoists,
but I've not heard of any of the authors. They are:

Stéphane Courtois
Karel Bartosek
Jean-Louis Margolin
Jean-Louis Panné
Nicolas Werth
Andrzej Paczkowski

Does anyone on the list know anything about these guys? The first three
are big-wigs at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in
Paris, whatever that is.

Paul F

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