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Paul Flewers:

>Harvard University Press has sent me a flyer saying that it's publishing
>a translation of The Black Book of Communism (I thought titles like that
>went out in the 1950s, but never mind), put together by mainly French
>academics. It claims to be the ultimate demolition job on
>communism/Marxism/you name it, so it no doubt needs a good kicking from
>the left. It's been praised by every Cold War hack around. Anyway, I'm
>attempting to scrounge a review copy.
>I've been told that it's been written by a bunch of renegade Maoists,
>but I've not heard of any of the authors. They are:
>Stéphane Courtois
>Karel Bartosek
>Jean-Louis Margolin
>Jean-Louis Panné
>Nicolas Werth
>Andrzej Paczkowski

Maoists they are not, I assure all. The number one gathering of "numbers" is
from China under the good Chairman himself.

The book attempts to collect the numbers of dead bodies, from economic and
political causes. Since this is the drawing ground, I suggest the following

Take the average acheivable life span and call it seventy years. For each
life that does not reach it in any capitalist controlled economy, subtract
the years missed (ie: a life average of 50 equals 20 years for each
individual, every 70 years totals one death).

Add these figures up and calculate the deaths due to capitalist economic
policy (if, indeed, we can count such immense numbers).

Do this for every non-socialist titled country since 1917.

Add in political deaths (counter insurgency).

The numbers will give us the melancholy blue book of capitalism that puts
the "black book" to shame.


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