Present-day Class Distinctions (a real example)

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Sat Oct 2 07:54:27 MDT 1999

>While I understand your frustration Owen, I agree with Carroll on
>this one. I could no longer follow the thread either, once it began
>to be a mere place for "what if's".

  Who said anything about "what if"?

> class dynamics do indeed change, but class analysis, our truest
>blue weapon, remains but a constant.

  I am supporting the position of nothing different. This started with
a discussion of dialectical materialism and historical materialism.
These are the tools of Marxist class analysis, and have been used
consistently in what I have written.


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"In those days, after the defeat of the Paris Commune, history made
slow organisational and educational work the task of the day."

Vladimir Lenin, Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution

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