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>I am reading this book by a conservative author (The Wealth and Poverty of
>Nations) author David S. Lander. There are so many examples of rightwing
>bias and misinterpretation ,( course) ...I will give you just one of them.
>recommend reading books by the capitalist intelligentsia; They do likewise
>to wage war on us. We have to know the enemy.
>Listen to some of the tripe in this book:
>---The gains from trade are unequal. As history has shown, some countries
>will do much better than others. The primary reason is that comparative
>advantage is not the same for all, and that some activities are more
>lucrative and productive than others. (A dollar is not a dollar is not a
>dollar.) They require and yield greater gains in knowledge and know-how,
>within and without.
>My interpretation : The gains from trade are <unequal> : Yes they are, in
>Capitalism. As (capitalist) history has shown, some countries (Mostly
>Anglo-Saxon, imperialist countries , innovators of the capitalist world
>order), will do much better than others. The primary reason (yes) is that
>comparative advantage is not the same for all, (of course not, the world is
>based on exploitation of nation-state to nation-state, and competition
>nation-states, rather than joint development in real terms) (A dollar is
>a dollar is not a dollar.) Makes no sense. (or cents, pardon the pun). They
>|require| Please tell me what he is talking about, he lost me in the last
>line. More abstract. and Yield greater gains, (capital?) in knowledge and
>know-how...( is he implying "intellectual capital"? (Excuse me, but without
>social ownership of an education system in any nation-state, would there be
>any "intellectual capital"?) Within and without....again he lost me.
>--The export and import of jobs is not the same as trade in commodities.
>two may be fungible in theory, but the human impact is very different.
>Perhaps meaning, that the skill of labor is an international hierarchy
>on inter-nationstate relations, while commodities can go anywhere - but
>better luck selling in the nations with the most "comparative advantage" or
>in actuality, dominating the weak. (Of course the author implies that this
>domination is justified because Anglo-Saxon culture is superior, and
>morality superior over any other culture.) Sickening indeed.
>--Comprative advantage is not fixed, and it can move for or against.
>Of course it can. But who does it go against the most? The countries that
>traditionally have been subjects of the imperialist nations. And the author
>makes no mention of comparative advantage existing with a nation-state
>itself. For example in the US, there are impoverished regions which have
>"comparative advantage" over other wealthier areas of the US - and of
>poverty infiltrates all areas, it is more overriding than wealth.(At least
>great wealth, in the US) Ironic for a nation with the power and
>--It always helps to attend and respond to the market. Please, not even the
>most intelligent of capitalists know exactly what the market will do. And
>sometimes they don't even have a vague notion. How many predicted the 1929
>crash? The 1987 crash? The 1990-1992 recession? Or even most recently, the
>weakening dollar and strengthening yen? attend and respond ...Yes but
>attention and responding is much more difficult dealing with a market than
>it is a planned economy. Sometimes conservatives think the market is a
>rational as a planned economy. Amazes me.--But just because markets give
>signals (what kind of signals....?)does not mean that people will respond
>timely or well (perhaps because they cannot interpret or read these
>so-called "signals"? --Some people do this better than others---(maybe the
>Anglo-Saxons, to this guy? But even they don't have crystal balls, still
>haven't been invented yet, says Marx from his grave:-)...---and culture can
>make all the difference. (of course, AnGLO-Saxon culture)...I told you this
>guy is a joke.
>--Some people find it easier and more agreeable to take than to make.( this
>is cultural superiority? this sounds like an attempted justification for
>even more primitive societies than capitalism....lol)...This temptation
>marks all societies(yes, it does capitalist societies),--and only moral
>training and vigilance can hold it in check(Again, a call for cultural
>Well it was fun dissecting this argument. This is only a small part of a
>huge book. If you want more I will give more. Sorry about the length of the
>With warm Communist greetings,
>Michael Turner

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