Question on Soviet government

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Wed Oct 6 07:56:08 MDT 1999

  A student in Indonesia has asked me about the top-level structure of
the government in the Soviet Union, specifically during 1945-1953.
She is looking for informaiton concerning the relationship between
the politburo with the post of general secretary and the president.

  You can reach her at: Amanda Wibowo <amanda_wibowo at>, or
send the information to me, and I will relay it to her.



"It is not enough to preach democracy, not enough to proclaim it and
decree it, not enough to entrust the people's "representatives" in
representative institutions with its implementation. Democracy must
be built at once, from below, through the initiative of the masses
themselves, through their effective participation in all fields of
state activity, without "supervision" from above, without the

Vladimir Lenin, Congress of Peasants Deputies

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