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> <<  It equates the Kosovar people (of
>  whatever ethnic/religious grouping) with an assertion that the KLA are
>  fascists. >>
> 1) Kosovar is a term with associations; just as for example Southern Woman
> once meant southern WHITE woman, Kosovar is  a word promoted exclusively by
> the racist/secessionist movement in Kosovo. Based on the nonsense word,
> KosovA (with an 'a') which exists in secessionist usage, but has no actual
> meaning, it attempts to promote a mythical Kosovo nationality, which does not
> exist in the real world, in which Kosovo is simply the original part of
> Serbia - the word means something in Serbian, for which see
> 2) Thus the idea of KOSOVAR as an INCLUSIVE term is absurd, and betrays
> (sorry) the utter ignorance of the user.  Why do people who know nothing
> about this subject insist on speaking as if they do?
> 3) The KLA is NOT the exclusive possessor of fascism in Kosovo, any more than
> the KKK was and is in the US - rather, ita creation of first German and then
> US policy to take advantage of the widespread fascist base that exists in
> Kosovo, among a section o local ethnic Albanians and "illegals" from Albania
> (a huge number of people) who loathe all other ethnic groups and, frankly,
> would like to kill them.  This was a huge problem for the partisans in
> W.W.II, and remains a huge problem today.
> Really, you must read something. If I may be so crude, take  the wool from
> over your eyes.  Go to What's the point in
> talking about this? First read for awhile; the mist will rise.  See? You make
> me mix my metaphors. Read, think, and then talk, in that order, that's my
> suggestion.
> - jared

  1.  Kosova vs Kosovo - a matter of pronunciation of a Serb word trans
'blackbird', with the
'a' in Albanian, I think. In Northern Ireland it matters a great deal,
in fact it
has been known to be a matter of life or death, whether 'h' is 'aitch'
'haitch'.  So I do not understand 'jared's' hiding behind the silly
metaphor of Southern Woman.  It is not a matter of 'nationality',
'mythical' or
not, but the fact that the overwhelming majority in the 'K' bit of the
are Albanian speakers.  Moreover, since 1989 that language was
proscribed by the
Milosevic-led regime in Beograd as a means of teaching, and unless they
prepared to be taught in Serbian, no Albanian kids got an education
through the underground schools and colleges run by SBAKSH - the
Educational and
Curltural Union of Kosova, the teachers being unpaid for 10 years,
through what parents were able to donate.  Over the same time in the run
up to
privatization of mines, Albanian-speaking miners were locked out of what
they, in
common with miners across the FY, regarded as their own communal
There jobs were given to Serbian immigrants - to be frank, to Serb scab
drawn from lumpen elements, as is the universal case.  The terror
organized by
the Beograd regime, through the paramilitary cleansing squads, that
over a million from Kosova is well-known.  What is not so widely known
is that
the prime targets for liquidation by these real fascists were the
teachers and
the leadership of unions, the village by vilage slaughter on a random
basis being
'pour encourager les autres'.  These are not myths, but the
'progressive' nature
of the entrenched clique around Milosevic most certainly is.

2.  As in Bosnia, during the period of the Yugoslav Federation,
was the norm in Kosova, albeit dominated by the 90% majority of Albanian
speakers.  The unrest in 1988-9 that preceded the annexation of Kosova
by the
Beograd regime was engineered by provocation to give the outward
appearence of
Anti-Serb feeling, which 'jared' seems to have swallowed hook line and
sinker -
he/she is not alone in that.  If the Albanian-speaking majority was
motivated by
a 'widespread fascist base' there, cultivated by German and US
imperialism, how
is that for 10 years the KLA was not active and that the response of the
to oppression was one of peaceful non-co-operation?

3.  What on Earth does 'jared' mean by 'illegals' from Albania.  For
members in two small regions separated artificially by some border to
support one
another the matter of 'legality' does not apply, except in some
context.  It was a great surprise to me that the arsenals captured by
Albanian people when they rid themselves of the local mafia regime did
immediately flood across that 'border' to arm a general uprising against
Beograd.  The KLA only became active in late 1998, as oppression turned

Now it becomes clear that many Albanians have turned against their
non-Albanian neighbours.  Yes this is a general movement, which the KLA
seems to
be helping execute.  Why?  Is it because of this mythical 'widespread
base', or is it because of the fact that the paramilitary cleansing
recruited on a large scale among those 'neighbours'?  Who looted every
home, helped raise them to the ground, blew the whistle on old people,
women and
kids fleeing to the hills?  Yes, this is a problem for partisans, and
the general
aftermath is for collaborators to be sought out and given summary
justice.  It is
brutal, often unjust and gets out of hand.  However, to characterize it
'fascist' is to lose sight of what fascism is, and on that 'jared' needs
to focus
some careful study, for it is not merely bigotry and mindless fury, but
as a means of furthering or maintaining capital's grip.  Its prime focus
destroying the self-organizing capacity of the working class and their
supporters, sometimes under the cover of racism.  To look on it in the
liberal-minded  way that 'jared' seems to do is full of dangers, not the
least of
which is to miss the real fascists and to ignore the needs of the
working class.
That serves as a ready means of avoiding the responsibilities of
internationalism,  a fuller understanding of events and developing
actions that the class needs to undertake.  As I initially asked, what
is the
outlook of Marxism to the events of Bosnia, Kosova, E Timor, Chechnya
etc, and
what actions should be taken by workers in relation to those faced by
horrific events?

Quite likely many subscribers may have sympathy with what 'jared'
expresses.  But
that is not the issue.  How can the various unfolding situations be
resolved in
the international interests of the class?  To pigeonhole this or that
without attention to practical responsibilities, leaves socialist
politics at the
level of train spotting.  It may pass for some as 'analysis' and
'critique', but
that is contemplative, and we should all know what Marx had to say about
philospophical contempators of the world!

Bernie Wool

PS  A personal question to 'jared'.  What is your relationship to the
'Yugoslav Foreign Ministry'?  Your material seems to be well-liked by

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