Liner notes and song Lyrics from Caetano Veloso's "Livro".

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Thu Oct 7 22:34:57 MDT 1999

Nestor: The excerpts by Caetano Veloso posted by Lou on October the 2nd.
are an Eng. trans.(not very exact, in fact bowdlerized, as for instance
when he talks about characters in European post-WWII movies 'having a
sex life'; in Portuguese the commentary is set in a coaraser language)
of his memoir *Verdade Tropical*, published by Companhia das Letras. It
is easily avaliable through the search service Bookminer, that can be
reached through the URL <>.

It must be said that Caetano's book was subjected to heavy criticism,
due to the fact that Caetano didn't try to play the same tricks with
language that he plays in the lyrics of his songs; the book is set in a
formal, stiff, almost archaizing Portuguese. Of course it has to do with
some dissatisfaction about Caetano's dubious politics, mostly related to
the fact that he has not made a clean break with FHC (he refused,
however, to support Cardoso's re-election), has friendly relations with
the arch-Eminence Grise of the government, the senator Magalhães (who is
a senator in Caetano's home state of Bahia, etc.). Well, about Caetano,
one could repeat Trotsky's dictum about Rivera: "Genius does what it has
to" Rivera's (and Caetano's) confused politics notwithstanding... I
would say that "Verdade Tropical" is a kind of Caetanesque "A La
Recherche..." and should be enjoyed as such...

Carlos Rebello

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