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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Fri Oct 8 04:31:14 MDT 1999

  Has there been a case in
>the lifetime of your list where Bosnians, Kosovars or for that matter
>Serbian internationalists have put their case, and answered some of the
>sort of drivel issuing from the Serbian Foreign Minsistry?  Of course not -
>they would be fascists wouldn't they?!

Actually, we had a series of letters written by people who lived in Serbia,
loved their neighbours but despised their cause and generally had criticisms
of Milosevic that were from the left, and never were accusing him of being
Racist. There was an "independant leftist against Nato" (see Jay Moore),
Maja (see Owen Jones, Nestor (I'm not going to do the disservice of trying
to spell this by memory))and Djorde (see JM again) among a few others. Their
complaints were that Milosevic was an opportunist, to wrap it up in a word.
No one ranted hatred of Albanian Kosovars here, just Nato and the fascist

So I guess we should be wondering where the Kosovar people who opposed Nato
were? Probably already dead, from the KLA.


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