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<<  Since when do Marxists speak of the "New World Order". The term is an
extreme right wing one. It may have a place on the Lyndon LaRouche website
but it has no place on a Marxism mailing list.  >>

Sorry, Barry, didn't mean to use the wrong phrase here, but don't worry, I am
not a Laroucheite (sp?)  The origin of the term New World Order is indeed
ultra-right, but not the La Rouche variety: it was coined by Hitler and
amazingly enough re-introduced by I believe it was Bush speaking in '89.and
refering to the splendid new situation where a) there was no antagonistic
Soviet  camp and b) the US and a united Germany would work together to remake
the world.  Oh yes, I believe they also included Russia, at the time.  It was
going to be a glorious partnership.

The collapse of the Soviet bloc and the reunificiation of Germany has
certainly remade the world.  Who would have thought the US would be giving
ultimatums to - Indonesia?  Or that the Yugoslav government would be the
standard bearer of resistance to US control?   OR that Redgrave would be
throwing art parties in Pristina for the direct descendents of the fascist
League of Pritzen?  Sounds like we fell asleep and awoke in gaga land.

The late Sean Gervasi, who was an adviser to the Anoglan and other
anti-imperialist movements, says in "What does NATO want in Yugoslavia?"  the

"The United States, Germany and some of their allies are trying to build a
truly global order around the North Atlantic Basin economy. There is actually
nothing very new about the kind of order which they are trying to establish.
It is to be founded on capitalist institutions. What is new is that they are
trying to extend "the old order" to the vast territories which were thrown
into chaos by the disintegration of Communism. They are also trying to
incorporate into this "order" countries which were previously not fully a
part of it.

"In a word, they are trying to create a functioning capitalist system in
countries which have lived under Socialism for decades, or in countries, such
as Angola, which were seeking to break free of the capitalist system. As they
try to establish a "New World Order", the major Western powers must also
think about how to preserve it. So, in the final analysis, they must think
about extending their military power toward the new areas of Europe which
they are trying to attach to the North Atlantic Basin. Hence the proposed
role of NATO in the new European order."

This is worth reading.  It can be found at:


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