Hot Pursuit - Louis Proyect comment

Russell Grinker grinker at
Sat Oct 9 03:23:38 MDT 1999

B Wool wrote:

For me the account of a shop steward sent by
>his or her union to see what's up is worth ten times that of the gossip
>collection of shady bystanders such as the LM (what a hoot that outfit
>is, dear oh dear) or journalists (but there are such beings as honest
>journalists).  Make what you will of that.

Ironically this is written by someone who has denounced the bureaucratic
practices of the old CP in various trades councils and union branches.
Funny how B Wool betrays the same approach - innuendo and  slander - that
these very people mastered over so many years. The Stalinist hacks in his
trades council seem to have instructed Mr Wool rather well in the very
approach which he denounces.

Is B Wool aware that LM reporters such as Joan Philips and Thomas Deichmann
spent a large amount of time on the ground in various parts of the former
Yugoslavia (rather than only on one side as was the case with most of the
western press), that they published carefully researched material and made
TV documentaries on the situation there, and that they and a number of
others were subsequently denounced in the "liberal" press and continue to
face legal action from the mighty ITN?  Is he aware that LM reporters have
even been  victimised in their workplaces for daring to report objectively
on the situation in the Balkans?

Apart from second hand information from un-named trade unionists, what is B
Wool's experience on the ground in that region? Perhaps it is he who is
really the "shady bystander".


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