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Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Sat Oct 9 11:22:28 MDT 1999

El  1 Oct 99 a las 16:59, Philip L Ferguson nos dice(n):

> The militias [in East Timor] were entirely
> dependent on the Indonesian Army and that they were never
> really much of a force to be reckoned with.
> It will be interesting to see what comnes out in the wash
> in the next few years, and whether the significance of the
> militias has been played up by a Western media of 'laptop
> bombardiers' which was chomping at the bit for a
> 'moral/humanitarian' military intervention.
> After the Kuwaiti babies story, and the 'ethnic cleansing'
> and 'mass graves' propaganda from ex-Yugoslavia, I am
> highly critical/suspicious of Western media horror stories
> about the indiscriminate savagery of whatever people or
> regime they happen to be demonising at any time.
> Indeed one of the interesting aspects of this story is the
> way it reveals that much of the media is little more than
> a conduit for imperialist policy and the propaganda
> departments of Western armies.  In Vietnam, the media were
> increasingly critical of the US Army.  By the time we get
> to Desert Strom in 1990, the media are like a wing of the
> US-led forces.  Much of the media simply pumped out
> military press releases.

One should add: AGAIN. The VN era was, in fact, an
exception. But it seems quite clear that the narrow
relationship between the media and the military was
established, as a minimum and in the USA, during the Second
World War if not before. There is a matter of domestic
quietness here. Unlike their Western European counterparts,
the American people does not like to think of themselves as
overtly imperialists and strong rulers of the humble races.
Teddy Roosevelt's was the last age when something like this
could have happened. So, a large media apparatus (Hearst,
for example) has to be generated. A machine of lies, that
will become stronger in the measure the imperialist
involvement of the US increases.

I do not clearly understand all the reasons behind the
fact, but the VN coverage by the media was not on the
general line. The Korean war had been, and most of the
support given by the USA to reactionary Latin Americans had
been, was, and continued to be. The VN trauma, however,
somehow made the media pierce through the lies and show the

After VN, after the general turmoil boiled down, after the
dust set down, then the media RETURNED to their usual role.

When the battles in Yugoslavia began and the media began to
display their callousness again, for the n+1th time, I sent
to the list an e-mail on the role the media had played
during the Playa Giron (Bay of the Pigs) events.

I did not post the examples of how did the media lied in
America during the attempt to invade Cuba because I love
past stories. I did it because I wanted everyone to keep in
mind that what we have witnessed in Yugoslavia has already
been practised, as a matter of rule, everywhere anytime
(save in VN).

There is NOTHING such as TRUTH in the coverage that the
media give to an imperialist intervention. NEVER. And,
perhaps, if we scratch the bowl, we may discover that this
was the case even in Viet Nam...


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