Sarajevo market massacre

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Sun Oct 10 17:25:20 MDT 1999

>Sorry, Barry, didn't mean to use the wrong phrase here, but don't worry, I
>not a Laroucheite (sp?)  The origin of the term New World Order is indeed
>ultra-right, but not the La Rouche variety: it was coined by Hitler and
>amazingly enough re-introduced by I believe it was Bush speaking in '89.and
>refering to the splendid new situation where a) there was no antagonistic
>Soviet  camp and b) the US and a united Germany would work together to
>the world.  Oh yes, I believe they also included Russia, at the time.  It
>going to be a glorious partnership.

I'm gonna get Jared to write some about who he is one of these days. He is
an old fart like me who was one of the central leaders of the SDS in the
1960s and the Maoist Progressive Labor Party. The PLP imploded just like
the Trotskyist SWP for many of the same reasons and poor shell-shocked
Jared retreated into private life. He sprang back to political activity
around Yugoslavia and most of his efforts go into his fine website
"Emperor's Clothes".

I used to hear about Jared all the time up in Boston in the early 70s, when
the SWP sent me up there to help rid the  branch of softness toward SDS.
The SWP had a focus on single-issue antiwar demos, while the SDS was
organizing sit-ins at Harvard, Columbia, SF State, etc. Back then we tended
to view these sit-ins as an obstacle to serious antiwar organizing, while
the SDS'ers viewed the antiwar movement as a reformist diversion. Sectarian
idiocy, if you ask me. The SWP'ers should have oriented to the mass student
movement, while the SDS'ers should have helped to build the antiwar marches.

If there's a new radicalization, me and Jared are gonna make sure that
nobody screws up this time around.

Louis Proyect

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