Cardoso & Franck

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Sun Oct 10 15:43:33 MDT 1999

Louis: The problem with both Franck's and Cardoso's positions is that
both are weak on the historicity of the Lat.Am. bourgeoisies. Franck,
with his idea of "Development of Underdevelopment", in fact has denied
the possibility of any sustained development of capitalism in the 3rd
World, except as enclave capitalism directed towards the production of
raw materials, low-vallue-added commodities, for which he was challenged
by Cardoso, that proved that Lat.Am. capitalism had an authonomous
internal dynamics; Cardoso, howver, had the stick bent too far in the
opposite direction, in that he identified industrialization in Lat.Am.
with the possibility of advanced capitalism, ignoring the socially
regressive aspects of such industrialization - something he is presently
doing by eqating *any* economic development with progress and democracy,
against all the evidence.

Carlos Rebello

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