China's "Communist" Status

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Tue Oct 5 19:26:35 MDT 1999

>Geez. You ask a lot.

Questions posed to the right people are the key to understanding...
remember, I am new here...

>Near the end of Marx's life a New York reporter
>interviewed him and at the end of the interview came out with the
>question, What is? After a long pause, Marx answered: "Struggle."

>Will that do for a start?

Well, to put it quite simply, no. I was looking for somewhat of a more
profound answer... Call me ignorant but I have no idea what the above
statement means. If you're willing to explain I'm willing to listen...

For anyone who missed it, here was my origninal message:
Hello, I just joined this list yesterday in order to learn more about Karl
Marx, and possibly some of the teachings of Mao Tse Tung. Here are my
questions. I hope someone can comment.

In order to be considered a true "Communist" nation, there is a large
revolutionary process that goes on. Is China in that process? How far have
they come? And what are your thoughts on true and complete communism and how
well the nation would function both internally and internationally under
this system?

Just one more: If I am correct in assuming that Marx wished to turn eventual
control of the entire country to the proletariat, then how did he predict
this would work? (ie. elections etc...)

Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

boone at

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