Schoenberg vindicated

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Oct 4 09:11:06 MDT 1999

>>> Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> 10/03/99 07:34PM >>>
Attending "Moses und Aron" reminds me of the importance of difficult,
experimental art. Adorno was right. In many ways, the only response of a
serious artist is to honestly confront the brutal world and offer no pat
solutions. In my postings on art and revolution, I tended to look askance
at figures like Jackson Pollock and Arnold Schoenberg while embracing the
more populist vision of Ben Hecht and Hanns Eisler. I now understand that
the role of culture in changing society is much more complex. In the
powerful anti-capitalist movement we are trying to assemble, both
approaches are necessary. We need art that speaks to the masses. We also
need composers like Schoenberg who, like Moses, made their own journey into
the wilderness.


Charles: Is there a little of this Schoenberg/Moses in Bebop's intellectualism, Miles
Davis walking away from the stage during other solos, separation of modern jazz from
dance ?


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